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​"I need to be the best version of myself and the best way to do that is through education...
I want it to be a part of my life for the foreseeable not only saved my life, but saved any chance that I have in reingratiating with my family."

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Truancy Prevention Parent Workshop


C.O.P.E. recognizes the commitment of the Pittsburg High School parents and teen scholars that participated as well as our very own practitioners who facilitated this 10-week program with a successful outcome! We are so grateful to have the opportunity to work with school districts in our community to empower parents and students.

 “Parents learned about different parenting strategies such as exploring alternative strategies to improve community and creating a more positive relationship with their teen, setting goals with their teens, well as how important it is to monitor their students grades and attendance. Students learned different life skills such as how tardies and attendance effect their daily routine and the consequences, how to work with their parents to resolve issues and what tools they can use to support their success. This was a great class and it will be available for parents again in the Fall of 2019.”

C.O.P.E. Family Support Center is thrilled to receive and report positive feedback from our first East County Supporting Father Involvement (SFI) Program held at Black Diamond High School in partnership with Pittsburg Unified School District!


C.O.P.E. recognizes the importance of the father’s role in their child’s life thus Supporting Father Involvement was developed with evidence-based research. This 8-week program provides innovative support to community fathers seeking to become more actively involved and engaged in their system of relationships with emphasis on their family and children.

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Feedback From East County SFI Graduates:

  • Helped participants to reduce arguments with their children/teenager.

  • Helped create a network/support system between the participants.

  • Participants enjoyed the judgement free zone where they could share honestly and openly.

  • Participants enjoyed how the program helped build community between fathers from various schools in our district.

  • Helped them to strengthen their overall communication with spouses, children, and family members.

  • Several participants desired a 2nd session to continue their work in exploring the important role of the father.


Isaiah's Story


An example of case management success occurred with father participant Isaiahs. Isaiahs was referred to C.O.P.E. parenting classes by his CFS social worker. He was assessed by case management staff and enrolled into the Supporting Father Involvement January 2018 class. Throughout his participation during the 16-week course, Isaiahs was provided with weekly check-ins by C.O.P.E. case management staff. The case manager collaborated with Isaiahs’ CFS worker to enroll Isaiahs and his partner into couples’ therapy and Anger Management. The CFS worker was provided with thorough weekly updates on the progress of this family in order to move them through their case plan and obtain family reunification.

Through their participation in these programs, the parents were able to identify unhealthy parenting practices and alternative parenting strategies to utilize with their toddler. At the beginning of services, Isaiahs’ toddler was in foster care; at the close of the program, Isaiahs had reunified with his son and was able to bring his child to the Supporting Father Involvement graduation session in May of 2018 (pictured).

Isaiahs reports that through participating in C.O.P.E. services he learned about himself, how he responds to situations and the impact his actions and behaviors have on his child. He attributed his success to putting forth the effort to improve himself as well as the strategies and tools he learned in the programs.

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