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COPE Family Support Services is a 501c3 non-profit that serves all families which is made possible by federal and foundation-based grants along with help from generous donors. 

Your support makes our work possible because no one should have to manage family stress alone. 

  • Parent education, counseling and resources for all

  • Safe environment free of stigma or judgement

  • Services available free of charge or on a sliding scale

* Your donations are tax-deductible*

If you have any questions:

please call us at (925) 689-5811 or email us at

You may also mail us a check, payable to C.O.P.E. Family Support Center, to: 

3021 Citrus Circle, Suite 105

Walnut Creek, CA 94598


Donating to our PayPal allows for direct monetary donations along with setting up generous monthly donations.

Amazon Smile

Simply shopping using our Amazon Smile link shares a small percentage of the proceeds to fund C.O.P.E. for no additional cost to shoppers!

Workplace Giving

If your employer has a workplace giving campaign, you can designate C.O.P.E. as a recipient.

Employer Matches

Double or triple your donation! Many employers will offer to match donations or even volunteer hours to encourage employees to contribute to charitable organizations. Contact your Human Resources Department to see if your company offers this.

Donate Securities

You can make a big impact by donating long-term appreciated securities-stocks, bonds, mutual funds--while increasing your income tax deductions at the same time.

Donate Stocks

You can now donate stocks to C.O.P.E.! Just provide the following form which has C.O.P.E.'s TD Ameritrade Account number to your broker. Your broker can transfer the stocks directly into C.O.P.E.'s TD Ameritrade Account. If your broker has any questions on how to transfer the stocks into C.O.P.E.'s account, they can contact TD Ameritrade Help Desk at 800.454.5598.

Please notify us at C.O.P.E. by calling our office or emailing when stocks are donated so that we can provide a donation letter with the stock value and the date of donation.

Legacy Giving

You can name C.O.P.E. as a designated beneficiary on your life insurance policy, annuity, or tax-advantaged retirement savings accounts, such as an IRA or 401k. There are a variety of other estate planning tools that can enable you to provide philanthropic support, while realizing tax benefits during and after your lifetime.

Have opportunities to help us fundraise?

Let us know!

Email us at

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