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Our mission

is to prevent child abuse and strengthen family relationships through comprehensive support services that empower parents, encourage healthy relationships, and cultivate nurturing families. ​

Keep the Giving Going

Give to a specific program by supporting C.O.P.E.'s mission to prevent child abuse and strengthen family relationships.

Our Services 

Counseling Options 

Working one-on-one, with families or in group with a therapist on issues such as depression, anxiety, stress and PTSD, anger management and more. 

Triple P Parenting Education

The Triple P Positive Parenting Program® has been demonstrated to prevent and treat problems in children by enhancing the knowledge, skills, and confidence of parents.

Youth Services 

Counseling and Workshops offered such as Youth Achievement Workshop, Parental Empowerment Workshops, Bullying Prevention Education.

Anger Management

This program is designed to help individuals recognize and manage anger.

By gaining a better understanding of self, we learn to better control our anger so that it does not lead to violent outbursts or actions that are harmful to others. The purpose of the program is to develop the proper tools to help recognize and normalize anger, gain a better understanding and control of self.

Supporting Father Involvement

C.O.P.E. Family Support Center recognizes the importance of the father’s role in their child’s life. Based on research evidence that father involvement emerges in the context of a system of relationships, each group meeting will emphasize one of these central aspects of family life including access and improving your relationship with children.

Clinical Training Program

If your passion is to help families stop the trauma of abuse, neglect, helplessness, mental illness, instability, and crime in our community through education, we welcome you to join us.


C.O.P.E. x United We Mask 

IGTV Interview 

Stay Healthy - CCCOE's Coronavirus Webpage

Contra Costa Board of Supervisors Proclamation

|Instagram| Dec. 4, 2020 |Mental Health Awareness 

The Contra Costa County Office of Education is working closely with Contra Costa Health Services to keep our communities informed regarding the Coronavirus emergency. The CCCOE is providing updated information and resources to schools and school districts in our county so they can offer accurate news to their communities.

 The CCCOE Coronavirus web page   features:

  • Meal Services Information

  • Learning Resources and Distance-Learning Plans

  • School Updates

  • Wellness Resources

  • COVID-19 Outreach Toolkit

  • Parent/Guardian Communications

  • CCCOE Employee Communications


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT PROCLAIMED THAT I, Candace Andersen, Chairperson of the
Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors, hereby proclaim January 2021 to be the 2nd
Annual Positive Parenting Awareness Month in Contra Costa County,

Amazing conversations with organization-United We Mask.

Talking mental health within a family (children and adults) during COVID times.

  |Dec. 8, 2020 |Contra Costa County

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