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Supporting Father Involvement

C.O.P.E. Family Support Center recognizes the importance of the father’s role in their child’s life. Based on research evidence that father involvement emerges in the context of a system of relationships, each group meeting will emphasize one of these central aspects of family life including access and improving your relationship with children.

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  • Develop strategies for coping with stresses on the family including work, support or lack of support from friends and family, and family-relation policies (court) in the surrounding community and state agencies (external stressors).

  • Increase parents’ ability to work together to problem solve and decrease conflict (co-parent relationship quality).

  • Individual adjustment (self-confidence, depression, anxiety).

  • To increase fathers’ involvement and the use of age appropriate parenting strategies (skills and confidence in parenting).

  • Find ways to break negative cycles of intergenerational cycles of parental dysfunction, neglect and abuse (three-generational family patterns). 

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