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Parental Empowerment

Workshop For Parents of Adolescents 

Ages 11-18


A concurrent workshop for parents that teaches strategies for communication, regulation, attachment, planning for high risk situations, and how to navigate challenging teen behaviors.

Class Standard Rate: $45 (one-time fee)


Individualized services specially tailored to youth's needs around education, career planning, peer pressure, substance use, family challenges, essential life skills, and other coping skills. 

Standard Rate: $90/hour

Please Contact (925) 689-5811
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Youth Achievement Workshop (Y.A.W.)

A workshop for teens that teaches emotional intelligence and self-regulation.

  • Teens will participate in the “Game of Life” event, an interactive game that provides the opportunity to experience how the decision made today will affect future life-style consequences through simulation, practice, and other learning activities.

  • Cultural pride that empowers and promotes positive strength-based community wellness.
    Ex.  Finding honor and dignity in the journey of one’s ancestry. Goal to increase self-esteem and motivation to succeed in face of adversity.

  • Self-expression/reflection exercises:  Identifying emotions and learning to express them in positive socially appropriate manner.

  • Self-Awareness:  Analyzing actions and re-actions in challenging situations.

  • Goal Setting and planning for the future

  • Career and life mapping.

  • Motivational presentations that address alcohol and substance abuse, gang violence, bullying and the effects of family trauma/violence.

  • Both parents and teens will have the opportunity to participate in group activities from time to time (ex. Game of Life, Step Up, etc.).

Our intention is to teach self-regulation techniques to internalize positive behavior changes that improve outcomes and prevent future dysfunctional behaviors.

Class Standard Rate: $45 (one-time fee)

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