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Counseling Options and Parent Education (C.O.P.E)

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About Us:   The Counseling Options and Parent Education (C.O.P.E) Family Support Center is a nonprofit organization providing family support services and educational opportunities for at risk families in Contra Costa County, Note: We currently have a sponsorship relationship with the Child Abuse Prevention Council and all donations intended to serve the services provided by C.O.P.E. will allocated directly to C.O.P.E.'s projects.

C.O.P.E. is located at 2280 Diamond Blvd Suite 460 Concord, Ca 94520.
Our office number is 925 689 5811 Our fax number is 925 689 5831

Goal/Vision:   C.O.P.E.S.’s mission is to prevent child abuse, provide comprehensive services in order to strengthen family relationships and bonds, empower parents, encourage healthy relationships, and cultivate nurturing family units to encourage an optimal environment for the healthy growth and development of parents and children through parent education.

Services:   Successful parent education programs such as Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) help parents acquire and internalize parenting and problem-solving skills necessary to build a healthy family. Research has shown that effective parent training and family interventions promote protective factors and lead to positive outcomes for both parents and children (Lundahl & Harris, 2006). Protective factors include nurturing and attachment, knowledge of parenting and of child and youth development, parental resilience, social connections, and concrete supports for parents (Child Welfare Information Gateway, et al, 2008). Parent Education Programs are designed to promote positive parent-child interaction and healthy childhood growth and development, thereby preventing child abuse.

C.O.P.E.’s aim is achieved through a variety of classes, seminars, one on one counseling, support groups and referrals for families in Contra Costa County. C.O.P.E. believes that every parent, regardless of race, ethnicity, religious or spiritual belief, income, creed, or nationality has the right and ability to be the best parent they can be. C.O.P.E. believes that as parents become better parents, children are allowed to flourish and grow in social, language, emotional, independence and problem solving skills.


    Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) is a multi-level system of family intervention for parents of children who have, or are, at risk of developing behavior problems. Triple P aims to prevent severe behavioral, emotional and developmental problems in children by enhancing the knowledge, skills, and confidence of parents. It is an Evidence Based program that has shown to be beneficial to all parents and children. Triple P is taught through a strength based and self-reflective approach that builds upon existing parenting skills. COPE offers a variety of Triple P seminars and parenting classes in English and Spanish. The flexibility and scope of the system enables it to be offered in a variety of settings with a diverse range of practitioners and populations. The Triple P classes and seminars are designed for parents of toddlers, school age children, teens, and children with special needs.

    Primary Care (ages 0-12 & 13-17 years old) is an early detection program that includes skills training on a one on one basis for mild to moderate behavior or developmental issues. It is available for parents of children from birth to 12 years of age using targeted counseling. This course deals with a specific problem behavior or issues.

    Group Triple P - 9 week parenting classes for parents of 0-12 year old children that uses intensive training in positive parenting strategies for a healthy and positive relationship with their 0-12 year old children For parents of children with severe behavioral difficulties (or in the case of Group Triple P/Group Teen Triple P, for motivated parents interested in gaining a more in-depth understanding of Positive Parenting). It is available for parents of children from birth to 12 years and 12–16 years and covers Triple P's 17 core positive parenting skills that can be adapted to a wide range of parenting situations.

    TEEN Group Triple P - 9 week parenting classes for parents of Teenagers that uses intensive training in positive parenting skills and for a healthy and positive relationship with their teen aged children.

    Group Stepping Stones - 10 week classes for parents of Special Needs Children that uses intensive training in positive parenting skills with an emphasis on the understanding of unique difficulties for parents who have a special needs child

    Standard - 10 week individual coaching and for parents of Special Needs Children Standard Triple P/Standard Teen Triple P – For parents who need intensive support. Individual counseling delivered over ten (1 hour) sessions. Uses DVD, workbook.

    Enhanced - Group or individual coaching for CO-PARENTING, PARTNER SUPPORT & COPING SKILLS for OVERWHELMED PARENTS Intensive support for families with serious problems. Parents must complete a Level 4 Standard or Group program before (or in conjunction with) a Level 5 course.

    Pathways - for parents who have difficulty with Anger Management and Attribution Re-Training.

    Seminar for Schools & Community Groups provide child health services, childcare centers, kindergartens, preschool and other community agencies with a focus on power of positive parenting, raising a confident child and raising a resilient child.

    Self-Directed is a 10 week program based on a self-help book and weekly telephone support. This program works well for very busy working parents or for families with little access to clinical services.

    Supporting Fatherhood Involvement is committed to enhancing the involvement of fathers in their children’s lives. Fathers who live with their children are more likely to develop and maintain a close relationship with their children. Studies consistently show that children involved with loving fathers are much more likely to get good grades, have higher self-esteem, and less likely to get in trouble. The Supporting Fatherhood involvement class examines five major areas: Individual Adjustment, Couples Relationships, Skills and Competency as a parent, Impacts of the Larger Community and Family Origin and Culture.

Fathers learn:

How to become more active in their children’s lives

How to increase coping abilities with internal stressors and meet their personal needs

How to work together with their partner to decrease conflict and create a more harmonious union

How to increase their involvement with and use of age appropriate parenting strategies

How to break the negative cycles of intergenerational cycles of harsh treatment, neglect and abuse

How to develop new strategies for coping with external stressors

    Bullying Program is an on-site training program for all school staff which helps school staff recognize, understand and intervene with bulling and bullying behaviors. C.O.P.E. also offers Bullying education for parents

Parents learn:

What is Bullying?

The different types of bullying

What causes Bullying?

What are the effects of Bullying?

How to tell if you child is being bullied

What to do if your child is being bullied

How to help your child manage bullying

What to do if bullying occurs at school

    Counseling Options with a licensed clinical social worker to help adoptive parents understand the unique, and often challenging roles as caregivers to adoptive children. Adoption is not just a one-time event. It’s a lifelong relationship. There are predictable issues which arise in adoptive families no matter how skilled and loving these families may be. There are times when families could use the help of someone who is trained to address the concerns particular to adoption/foster care. C.O.P.E. provides Services for parents which include:

Making the decision to adopt

Counseling and Parent Coaching

Crisis Intervention

Support during the home study process.

Our Staff:   Executive Director and founder, Cathy Botello heads a team of dedicated professionals each with an average of over 25 years experience in social services and nonprofits. Our facilitators include social workers, therapists, teachers, counselors, and a psychologist.

Volunteers:   C.OP.E. is proud of the many volunteers who are committed to making our mission a reality. They bring a wealth of skills and experience that support our programs and benefit our families. You are welcome to join our team of volunteers. Click here to send us an email regarding volunteering.

Grant Writer Volunteer/Intern wanted for Nonprofit Agency serving Children and Families in Contra Costa County. Contact Cathy Botello at 925 689 5811 or by email at

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