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Stepping Stones Triple P
|For Parents of Children with Developmental Disabilities|

Stepping Stones Triple P has been developed for parents of children with a developmental disability. Because it’s based on Triple P’s proven parenting strategies, it gives you ways to deal with the kinds of childhood behavior problems and issues that can make family life stressful. Stepping Stones Triple P has been evaluated with real families and has been shown to work with children with intellectual and physical disabilities who have disruptive behavior. 

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Families Suitable For This Course:

Parents or caregivers of children with a disability (up to 12 years of age) who benefit from this program are interested in general information about promoting their child’s development.

Stepping Stones Triple P can help you:

 • manage problem behavior and developmental issues
   common in children with disabilities

• encourage behavior you like

• cope with stress

• develop a close relationship with your child

• teach your child new skills

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