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Triple P Seminar


Individual Seminars


About the Course

There are several topics that address more specific issues or behaviors that parents of young children face such as mealtime problems, sleep patterns, and tantrums, among others. The three main seminars in the Triple P Seminar Series are The Power of Positive Parenting, Raising Confidence, Competent Children, and Raising Resilient Children.

Is this you?

Being a parent is a rewarding experience, but sometimes it gets overwhelming and we want a break. That doesn't mean we're bad parents. It means we get tired sometimes. As a parent you have your own system in place and tricks for getting things done at home. When those tools don't work, sometimes we need support or new ideas.

If you would like support when your tools don't work, then give us a call. Using Triple P works for many people.

Triple P can help you:

  • encourage behavior you like

  • deal with problem behavior

  • become confident as a parent

  • be realistic about parenting

  • take care of yourself

Your Instructor

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