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Family Transitions Triple P


5 or 13 Weeks


About the Course

The program is designed to assist parents in building and maintaining a healthy co-parenting relationship while providing strategies to manage conflicts, stressful situations, and challenging family dynamics. Parents have the important role of raising the next generation. The challenge for all parents is to raise healthy, well-adjusted children in a loving, predictable environment.

Families going through a separation/divorce, child custody proceedings, or other family changes, will benefit from the Family Transitions Program. Offered in a 5-week course or a 13-week course combined with Group Triple P.

Discussion Includes:

  • Identify “Parent Traps” that commonly occur during a separation or divorce

  • How to help your child manage their emotions

  • Personal coping strategies and self-care

  • Relaxation strategies to help reduce stress and conflict

  • Conflict resolution between co-parents

  • How to Balance Work, Family, and Play

Your Instructor

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